Window of Celebration and Commoration

Celebration and Commemoration

Throughout our lives, we all celebrate the special life-events such as birth, graduation, engagement, marriage of our loved ones, as well as we commemorate the lives of those dear to us who have passed away.

Commissioning a piece of stained glass is a unique way to celebrate these events. Such windows can make the celebrated person feel special and treasured, and a window of remembrance for a loved one can be a wonderful comfort in the process of grieving.

I specialise in creating windows of celebration and commemoration which are an artistic reflection of the person or event being celebrated. In the he designs I incorporate images that are meaningful to the person being celebrated or commemorated, and to those commissioning the work.
Designing the window is an interactive process of connection and collaboration between you and I. Please read more about it on the ‘Commissioning Process’ page.