The Stained Glass Commissioning Process by Rose Windows

Commissioning Process

When you commission me for a piece in Stained Glass, I want you to experience that your personal wishes have come to light and are met, and more than that!  I aim to connect your wishes with my artistic craftmanship, leaving you throughout the process with a feeling that something really exciting and special is happening, leading to a product that will be a joy to you for-ever ~ Rosa

Phase 1

During the first meeting we will have an extensive talk to discuss and discover your wishes. This can take place at the studio or at your house. I will then combine my artistry and craftmanship to draw up 1 or more designs. We will  meet again to discuss the final design (cartoon), the choice of glass, the installation and the price. Sometimes this part of the process can take several meetings.  

. There is a charge for the drawing up of the cartoon.

Phase 2

It is during this phase that the window is made.   I will stay in touch with you about the progress of the piece.  Sometimes, at this stage choices need to be re-evaluated, discussed and changes made. You are most welcome to visit the studio yourself and keep up to date with the progress.

At this stage you will pay for both the materials and for half of the price.

Phase 3

The piece will now be finished, cleaned and presented to you. The piece will be put in place according to the made arrangements. The final payment needs to be made. For more information about pricing, see “PRICING” in the


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