Glorious Glass by Rose Windows

Glorious Glass

Baptismal Rosewindow for Tara Rose & Alanna
Rosewindow for my daughters, on the occasion of their Christening.

About Rosa’s Art-Glass :

With my art, I aim to create 2 and 3 dimensional windows of beauty & truth,  windows to inspire awe, that mesmerize the senses and that shed light in our homes and in our souls. In my imagery, I tell stories about our world today. Often they are stories that have lived for long periods of time in our society and in our psyche, hidden in catacombs of suppression and enshrouded in veils of denial. My windows and sculptures aim to shed light on those hidden stories, to raise awareness about the choices we make, regarding the challenges we face today: love versus fear; reconciliation versus revenge and abuse.

I am passionate about making and teaching glass. From the first minute that I walked into a glass-studio fifteen years ago, I have been continuously striving to bring glass-art and the healing of individuals and the world together. During the creation of each piece, as part of the creative process, I contemplate the lives of the people close to me who I encounter on my path, clients, students and those, unknown to me, with their special life-journeys, imbuing the piece with this energy of love and unity.

The rough design which I create evolves under my hands, while a process of alchemy unfolds between strong colours filled with gold, transparency and radiance, interspersed with lines, images, beads and chunky crystals. I am like a monk who is driven to give birth to each piece, who has to tell a story that needs illuminating for the world of today; a monk surrounded by chaos of shattered pieces and shapes, shifting them until the final piece is in its right place and everything is whole; a monk driven to reveal Spirituality in everything and everyone. And with the start of each new art  piece, the process of bringing chaos into wholeness starts all over again.

Rosewindow for Rosa Brinkman
Rosewindow for Rosa Brinkman
‘And then there was Light’