Shifting Shards

Shifting Shards

STAINED GLASS classes for  drop-out, expelled and home-schooled YOUNG PEOPLE and their Carers

An Empowering ROSEWINDOWS Project

Are you the parent or carer of a young person who has experienced difficulties which made it impossible for him/ her to stay in school, to function socially or to learn?  Was this a painful, frustrating experience for your child and/or you? If your answer is ‘YES’ to these questions, then the ‘SHARD SHIFTING PROJECT’ may be of interest to you and your child.

Transforming difficulties of past and present into qualities and self-confidence for the future.

As a Stained Glass Artist, teacher and Psycho-Therapist specialising in Trauma, I developed the ‘ SHIFTING SHARDS PROJECT’ for young people, aged 12+, when I saw young, bright and talented students having to leave school because of a particular difficulty they couldn’t overcome. In my studio in Stourbridge I work with young people teaching them new skills for life, via the process of making a piece of art in stained glass on a subject that inspires them. Through the specialised teaching approach that I have developed, the young person receives support tailored to his/her individual needs, which helps them to transform difficulties of past and present into qualities and self-confidence for the future. This  process can become a life-changing experience, when you, the parent/carer, become actively involved, at a distance, by engaging in a number of individual meetings with me. In these meetings, I will provide you with support by suggesting a number of different techniques and approaches, based on my observations of the young person, as well as insights into their individual issues and needs within the context of the developmental and emotional needs of their particular age-group.


In the studio the young person will create a piece of stained glass on a subject that is of particular interest and inspiration to him/her, e.g. an actor, a singer, a sport, an activity or a theme. He/she will create a design and choose how to realise this in glass, taking into account the choice of colour, the texture and transparency of the glass and incorporating their imaginative ideas as they arise. By working with her/his hands and heart, the young person will discover the ability to produce a beautiful, well crafted and creative piece.

The process of creating stained glass is challenging because of its use of sharp materials and specialised tools. It requires patience, care, concentration and an eye for detail.   The young person may well feel that they do not have these qualities, that they will fail. However, through my care and my skills they will discover that these skills and qualities can be developed.


My focus throughout, is on supporting the young person in building confidence in themselves, by themselves through offering  pathways, raising awareness and helping them to shift the challenging issues. Through this process, they will learn to trust their creativity, strengthening their resilience. They will become more aware of, and confident in, their strengths and capacities and engaged in learning skills to enhance the quality of their relationship with themselves and others.


Working with glass offers the young person a process-based learning-experiencing: A process of gathering broken pieces, shedding light on each of them, gathering them together to form the whole picture, and finally connecting all the pieces into a whole in the form of a self created piece of personal art.

While the young person works, I observe and listen with unconditional acceptance using non-judgemental communication to build and maintain my connection with the young person. I notice how and where challenging issues arise, such as frustration, stress, anger, avoidance, desperation, lack of concentration and giving up.  Based on my observations, I facilitate the awakening of the young person’s awareness of their challenges, offering guidance in a gentle and empowering way, using the glass-process as the tool.

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After finishing the art-piece the young person takes their completed work of art home and receives a Certificate for their work.

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