About Rosa

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Through ROSEWINDOWS, I hope to bring Light to the Black Country & Beyond.
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More about Rosa

Long ago in a country far away, a small girl lived life dreaming up stories with images of radiant colour and light. During the many hours of her childhood, spent on hard church benches in barren church-buildings, she would use her imagination to save herself from thundering priests promising that the wrath of God would rain down on all the sinners. She would dream of loving Madonna’s tenderly looking down on their babies, of crucified Christs, savagely nailed on crosses, blood streaming down from the crown of thorns, surrounded by weeping mothers and loving friends who took him down and carried him, and of shimmering hosts of angels singing before golden thrones; of Paradise versus Hell; of Good conquering Evil. She dreamt of stories in images filled with love, passion, struggle, suffering, glory, forgiveness, beauty, radiance, victory and reconciliation. She imagined stories in stained glass windows, full of love and light, without even knowing of their existence . . .

Growing up, she saw life from many sides and saw people in all sorts of guises. She searched for many years to find the meaning of her life and to discover what it was that she was meant to do on earth. She became a teacher, a mother, a wife and then, in 2000 she discovered a passion and a talent for stained glass at the Glasshouse College in Stourbridge, UK. It was a home-coming for her, finding something she had been looking for all her life. At about the same time, she had a second home-coming when she began her training as a psychotherapist, specialising in Trauma, PTSD, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence. This is my story, and I am Rosa Ferris.

As a mainly self-taught artist and artisan, I have developed my skill and approach to stained glass over a fifteen year period, working abroad, in combination with my work as a psychotherapist. In 2011 I returned to Stourbridge and set up ‘ROSEWINDOWS’, with the aim of bringing Glass, Art, Therapy and Community-work together:

I share my passion for Stained Glass by teaching in the wonderful light of my studio in the Old Library, Stourbridge and in the Dudley Borough ALC. Through this work, I help build people’s confidence and creativity and pass on the rich heritage of Stained Glass.

With ‘Glorious Glass’ I seek to break through the boundaries of conventional stained glass making, taking the traditional story telling aspect of the medium and turning it on its head. These spiritual windows tell stories of fear and evil transformed by love and light. They aim to inspire and raise consciousness, to shed light in the dark and hidden places of the souls of individuals and communities. Glorious Glass is my art.

My domestic commissions and windows of commemoration and celebration aim to revive the heritage of stained glass making. These are bespoke pieces designed, in consultation with the client, to transform our living spaces with colour and light and enhance our quality of life.

Through my Community Projects I work therapeutically to support individuals and groups to process traumatic experiences, transforming their burdens into treasure-chests. I also engage in social inclusion projects with vulnerable groups in our communities.